5 Things You Should Know About Your Outdoor Fire Pit Tables

Residential architecture is fast upgrading with each passing day, and the hot trend it has brought about now is creating beautiful outdoor living spaces. Planning out cosy and inviting outdoor living space alongside the indoor space has now become paramount for many interior designers, and including a fireplace in the layouts does not go out of the picture.

Warm-up your outdoor living space with some outdoor fire pit tables Before you set out to buy a fire pit, take a few things into consideration.

What is a fire pit table?

A fire pit table is nothing but an evolved version of a basic fire pit. They are the substitutes for fire pits.

1. Size

The size of fire pit tables ranges from small portable models to large permanently built-in styles. Opt for the one that fits your budget and the location you will be placing it in. Commonly fire pit models range from 24-30 inches in diameter; the fire pit built-in tables can differ based on the size of the table, and these built-in units can range from 36-58 inches across.

The height of these fire pit tables can range from low-to-the-ground fire bowls to taller models. If you want something more comfortable, you can opt for such outdoor fire pit tables that allow you to rest your feet on the lip of a fire pit, so choosing a model with an even or slightly lower standard seat height best meets your needs. The seating height also affects the warmth reflected through the fire pit.

Keep in mind the amount of space you would need for seating and circulation while deciding on the fire pit size. As far as the general principle is concerned, set your target on about 5-7 feet around all edges of a fire pit, considering the chairs and movement around that area in mind. Consider leaving extra space for movement and ample mobility.

2. Permanent vs portable fire pits

Fire pits can be versatile, too; the benefits of a fire pit table range from heating a patio in fall to being the centre of attention for a summer soiree.

Determine what you would need if you want something flexible that can be moved around as per your need, or you want to invest in a fire pit table that stays put as a permanent feature of your backyard.

Lightweight, portable fire pit tables will give you a number of options in style, price and size. Check out modern rattan's exclusive range of outdoor fire pit tables; all our options come with burner kits and a 6m gas hose ready to connect to a propane gas bottle; this works in the exact same way you would do with a household BBQ.

3. Safety check

Take fire-safety measures into consideration while you operate an outdoor fire pit. Teach everyone in the house about how to operate the fire pit correctly and ensure to never leave young children unattended around the burning fire pit. However, the fire pit table is still safer than an open fire pit, but you must never take fire for granted.

Place your fire pit table around the right type of flooring that plays a huge role in increasing safety. Make sure you position your fire pit table at least 10 feet away from buildings and fences while in an open area without overhanging trees.

4. Material

Firepit tables also give you variety; you can choose from different materials like metal, aluminium, stone, concrete or a mixture of all these materials. These materials differ in shapes, sizes, colours, and feel; choose a material that suits your taste and coordinates with your backyard's design and decor style while holding up well to stains and frequent use.

There are downsides to every material as there are strengths. Like, concrete is sturdy and durable but can stain from soot. Natural stone works excellent again but can stain and crack from the extreme heat if not built the right way. Aluminium and powder-coated metal are durable, but they can get extremely hot due to the fire. However, you can always rely on Modern Rattan's perfectly crafting technique.

5. Style

Outdoor fire pit tables come in a wide range of sizes, styles and designs for you to choose from; look for what fits with your backyard style and homeowner needs. All you have to do is narrow down your options and choose what meets your needs most efficiently. It can get overwhelming to know where to start, considering the number of options available on the market.

Pick a fire pit table that fits well with the overall landscape style. Go for different shapes and sizes, be it choosing a rectangular fire pit table or a circular one. Apart from finding the right features to serve you well, you also need to make sure the glass rests on the edge of a fire pit and ensure there is enough lip around it so that you won't end up with warm wine after a few minutes.

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