Here’s What You Must Consider When Buying Rattan furniture Online

When you set out to buy rattan furniture online with a view to making your garden a bit homier and more relaxing to lounge in, the right furniture choices can make a myriad of differences in how the space feels.

Rattan outdoor furniture is a versatile choice for outdoor spaces; it is here to amp up your space. But how do you know you are purchasing rattan the right way? Fret not, for we are here to help you; here’s what you should consider when buying rattan furniture online.

1. Pick the right material.

The goal is to strike the right balance between cost and quality. Do some research on the market, check a few online rattan furniture sellers, read reviews and decide what’s more suitable for you. Generally, people pick materials that are more durable for outdoor use, making it last longer. Go for something that won’t crack or go brittle.

2. Take size into consideration

Choosing the right size becomes tricky when shopping for your furniture online. Check the product description for a clear idea about the correct size and how it will fit in your space. No one wants to end up disappointed and consider their purchase a total ripoff.

Take a measuring tape and visualise where you will be placing your rattan garden furniture set; take measurements accordingly and select a perfectly sized set for yourself. Take even the depth of the seats and height of back cushions into consideration while measuring your furniture set.

3. Quality of the frame

Lounging in your garden in the sun could be the best thing you can do to favour your body during winters. Since you would plan to spend much more time in your garden, you might ensure yourself some level of comfort. Hence it becomes imperative that you invest in a robust and durable product. At times, we are enticed by the lower price tag of products and make impulsive decisions of buying them, but they end up turning out wrong decisions. Cheap costing furniture pieces are sometimes made of invariably cheap materials that will likely fail much quicker. Since it will be sitting outdoors with sun, rain, dirt and pollen throwing everything on your furniture, you would need a durable product in the long run.

The quality of the frames ensures longevity, and the frames used by Modern Rattan are fully assembled rust-proof aluminium frames woven in 5.5mm half round wicker. Steel is more likely to rust and become brittle; hence we use aluminium to form sturdier furniture pieces.

4. Fillings

When buying rattan garden furniture online, you might struggle with gauging what its fillings are made of. Most rattan garden furniture includes a cushion for added comfort, and it is essential to see what fillings they consist of.

There are generally three types of cushion fillings, foam, fibre or a mixture of foam wrapped in fibre. Out of all three, fibre gives you the maximum comfort, but it might create lumps in it, which eventually makes it go flat. Foam filling is more compact and sturdier, making it less likely to become flat out. And then, you have the option of getting the best of both worlds, having the foam wrapped in fibre to guarantee you long-lasting shape and comfort.

5. Glass thickness

An entire rattan outdoor furniture will mainly consist of a coffee table, and tables usually have glass toppers adding to the beauty of the whole set. It instantly enhances how the entire set looks, at the same time, protects the material of the table from sun and dust.

However, when buying it online, you might want to consider the thickness of the glass as they will be kept outdoors, and they have to be sturdy enough to bear the heat and dust. Choose higher dimensions of glass thickness; they will be less prone to smashing unless anything impactful falls over it. Also, thicker glasses do not leave any glass dust when broken, ensuring your safety.

In Conclusion

Picking out your favourite rattan garden furniture may seem like a big deal, but with sound research, you should be able to find your perfect pick meeting all your criteria for good quality furniture. Do not forget to read the product reviews before check-out; other people's experiences tell a lot about how the product will turn out to be.

Cherish an enhanced outdoor space with rattan garden furniture by Modern Rattan and fill the extra space with quality products.

Ready to invest in your dream rattan furniture? At Modern Rattan, We specialise in high-quality rattan furniture. We have a wide variety of options to suit every taste, space and need. All our products come with a 3-year warrantee for complete peace of mind. Get in touch with us at 0121 517 0621 for further advice.

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