How To Make Work From Home More Effective And Productive?

When the world got hit by the COVID 19 pandemic, none of us could go to work and had to stay home and continue working from home. Even before the pandemic hit, most people worked from home part-time or full-time, and this working mode caught up with the arrival of the pandemic.

Even as the pandemic is under control, many companies are still choosing to continue working from home. And now, after a year, we all need many refreshes to keep ourselves motivated and productive. Here are some ideas for staying motivated while working remotely.

An outdoor office

Suppose you are working from home and have enough space to work on your laptop or computers outdoors with some fresh air which can work wonders for your energy levels and mood. An outdoor office can be your balcony or on a porch in a yard.

A review found in the year 2018 shows that time spent in green spaces will improve our attention and mood. On top of that, it also enhances our physical and mental being. Having an outdoor office can do many benefits, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Separating workspaces and playing space

In most of our families, members of the family use the yard for activities such as playing sports. When setting up a workspace outdoors, you need suitable furniture, decorative screens, and planters for your personal space. And if you want to set your office near a garden, Rattan garden furniture is one of the best options you can select as it provides you with an extensive furniture collection. This makes it easy for you to choose the right furniture to set up your office space.

  • Minimize distraction

Minimizing distractions while working from home is a great challenge. We all get distracted easily at home by our family members, social media, pet distractions, housework, visitors, etc. Setting up your outdoor workspace is an excellent idea to minimize these distractions. Setting up your office near a garden where you can sit in the fresh air and can do your work comfortably, and for that, you need suitable furniture set up in which you can sit comfortably and can work in peace.

  • Outdoor meeting

Outdoor meetings are as same as indoor meetings but are conducted under green spaces or a pergola under the bare sky. You can locate your session just in front of your workspace in your garden or in a park nearby your area. But if you want to organize a more critical and formal outdoor meeting, it will demand more preparation than the indoor ones.

  • Outdoor break

Taking a break while working is the most common way of getting relaxed. So, if you have an outdoor office, there is no need to take an outdoor break. You can walk and talk or even do an outdoor reading. However, every kind of work activity cannot possibly happen in outdoors. But working outdoor can do great things for health, such as reducing stress, improving immune function, and lowering blood pressure.

  • Energized

Working outdoors will keep you feel energetic all day and also help with better endurance and concentration. Ultimately, you will feel more productive throughout the day.

rattan casual dining set

How to set up an outdoor office?

So, are you thinking about how to create an outdoor office space that will keep you motivated while working remotely? Here are a few tips about establishing an outdoor office, including some ways to make your outdoor office functional, given the square footage you have in your space. You can look for the area outside your home.

  • Shed

A shed is used as a dump yard to keep old things from your house. If you aren’t using it as storage, then it can be a perfect space for an outdoor office. Choose your furniture and decor accessories for your office wisely. Look for Rattan garden furniture from Modern Rattan. They come with luxurious furniture and cushions that are easy to wash and are fire retardant.

  • Terrace or Balcony

Backyards or sheds are not possible for people living in sky-high apartments. So, you can convert your balconies and terraces into your workspace. You only need a comfortable chair and a table to create such a workstation. Keep your space lively with some plants and basic decor. These are some ways to turn your workspace into a functional office space. Invest in good quality Rattan garden furniture that looks stylish and versatile.

  • Outdoor lighting

If you are working in your garden, you will have plenty of natural light, but what if you are working till evening. For such conditions, you need good LED lighting to keep your garden well lit, or even you can use an LED parasol to shine over your work area.

Bottom line

Currently, plenty of people are focusing more on working from home. This method has a few challenges, but if you set up a perfect space for yourself, you will definitely get more work done, even from home. Setting up your office right should be your first goal.

If you are thinking of making an outdoor office and need advice for that, you must visit the Modern Rattan showroom. They have great ranges of rattan furniture that will give your office a significant look.

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