Tips to Follow When Choosing the Right Rattan Lounge Set

It's crucial to get the proper set right away, whether selecting a plastic rattan set or any other outdoor or patio furniture. Ensure that the outdoor furniture you choose is suitable for you and advise you on the best garden furniture to buy.

Over time, garden furniture has changed, and today's outdoor furniture sets can be made from various materials, including synthetic PE rope and outdoor synthetic rattan. These are used to create contemporary and traditional clothing in a variety of weaves.

We also provide aluminum garden furniture such as a grey rattan lounge set which fits the minimal design trend with its modern, contemporary style and feels. All-weather, extremely durable, and with little maintenance, the materials will maintain their excellent looks yearly.

Measure the outdoor area you have available

The type of furniture you might choose depends on how much free space you have. Let’s say you want a rattan recliner garden lounge set. In this case, you must measure the area.

Think about storage

Most retailers in the UK will claim their garden furniture is 'all-weather,' and while we know that our cast aluminum pieces are designed and constructed to stand up to all mother nature can throw at them, they still need to be protected in harsh weather.

Therefore, determine whether you have enough storage space for the winter before you purchase any outside furniture. If not, choose more minor items that you can fit indoors or allocate money in your budget to buy an appropriate cover.

The importance of quality

When selecting new outdoor furniture, check that surfaces are smooth by rubbing your palm over them. Verify that joints are screwed rather than glued and stapled. Verify that any welds are not damaged and that any powder-coated finishes are applied liberally to metal garden furniture.

Our general guidelines for durability are as follows:

  • Teak is superior to pine.
  • Cast aluminum outperforms steel and requires less upkeep than iron.
  • Polyester with UV protection outperforms cotton.
  • Outside, high-quality synthetic rattan or wicker is preferable to reality.


Both rattan and teak garden furniture are beautiful and comfortable, and you will love them for many years. Synthetic rattan is made to last and withstand the harm caused by the weather and other outside elements. However, it is also true that lounge set rattan made of teak can easily last a lifetime, as it has more durability.

rattan lounge set


As a result of population growth, the high demand for natural resources, such as wood, has become a significant environmental concern since it threatens global biodiversity and accelerates climate change.

Contrarily, artificial materials are frequently created using dangerous substances that affect the environment during manufacturing and after disposal. Because of this, many people are unsure which material to select to minimize their environmental impact.

You are not necessarily promoting deforestation or increasing your carbon footprint when you choose garden furniture made of all-natural materials like teak. You can consume the wood guilt-free as long as it comes from plantations that are responsibly maintained.

Only wood collected in Indonesian teak plantations that are responsibly governed and under government control is used to make distant teak garden furniture. A portion of each plantation is used as a wildlife habitat, and every tree removed is restored. By choosing Faraway teak garden furniture, you will contribute to safeguarding rather than endangering the world's forests, as well as enhancing the living and working conditions of the regional communities that are increasingly being affected by illegal logging, which is closely associated with severe human rights violations, corruption, and violence.

Not all synthetic materials of rattan lounge sets are bad for the environment. All items in our outdoor rattan furniture selection are manufactured from Viro or Rehau fibers, which are produced following the strictest environmental standards. However, this is typically the exception rather than the case. The Rehau and Viro Fiber firms have ecological certifications, and the rattan is free of plasticizers and harmful chemicals. All-weather weave made by Viro and Rehau does not emit any hazardous chemicals when it is burned or when it is thrown.

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Although quality rattan and teak garden furniture are generally more expensive than natural materials, synthetic materials are typically less costly overall. However, given that teak garden furniture can last a lifetime, it might be more affordable in the long run than rattan furniture.

However, costs do differ depending on the different kinds of wood. Fine synthetic rattan patio furniture costs less than teak, whereas oak or maple are significantly more expensive than wicker.

Remember that value, not just money, is what matters. Even though synthetic rattan and wood are far more expensive than other types of materials, they can last a lifetime with proper care.


Outdoor synthetic rattan furniture performs better in weather resistance, even if the wood is more robust. Cost differences can vary, but wicker is generally less expensive than wood. You can choose from a variety of styles for each type of material! Decide which one to choose by reading the instructions. If you are still confused, choosing the Modern Rattan will be an excellent choice.

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